Press Room

Public Relations responds to media inquiries and disseminates news about Citrus Memorial and its entities, including:

  • Citrus Memorial Hospital
  • Citrus Primary Care Group
  • Citrus Memorial Rehab and Aquatics
  • Citrus Memorial Healthcare Center at Allen Ridge
  • Citrus Memorial Laboratory Collection Centers
  • Citrus Memorial Home Health Agency
  • Citrus Memorial Healthcare Center at Sugarmill Woods
  • Inverness Surgical Associates
  • Genesis Women’s Center

The Citrus Memorial Public Relations staff is available to assist news media in answering questions about the hospital, locating a media resource spokesperson, or obtaining more information about a news release or event.

Media Contact:

Katie Myers, APR
Office: 352-344-6501
Fax: 352-726-0821


Federal Privacy Law Media Guidelines:

The following standards apply to ALL media inquiries per federal privacy laws (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act):

  • Media inquiries must contain the specific, accurate patient name.
  • As long as the patient has not requested that information be withheld, we may release the patient’s one-word condition without obtaining prior written patient authorization. The patient has the option to expressly state that he or she does not want information released, including confirmation of his or her presence in the facility.
  • Any medical information beyond the one-word condition requires written authorization by the patient or patient’s legal representative. Note: public agencies (police, fire/rescue) are not bound to the same standards.
  • Videotaped or recorded interviews, photographs, or any direct interaction with a patient requires written patient authorization.

Patient Conditions:

  • Undetermined – Patient awaiting physician assessment
  • Good – Patient’s vital signs are stable and within normal limits; patient is comfortable; indicators are excellent.
  • Fair – Patient’s vital signs are stable, but he/she is uncomfortable or may have minor complications; indicators are favorable.
  • Serious – Patient is acutely ill and vital signs may be unstable, but there is a chance for improvement; indicators are questionable.
  • Critical – Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits; there may be major complications and indicators are unfavorable.