Mae McClernon and Billy Fondren were recently named Volunteers of the Year at Citrus Memorial Hospital. An additional accolade was awarded to Glenn Rhinesmith in honor of her 30 years of service.

Mae McClernon

Mae McClernon has been a Citrus Memorial Volunteer for over 16 years. Most of her volunteer career has been as a hostess at the fourth floor welcome desk, which also serves as the Heart and Vascular Center contact point for families. Mae schedules and trains all of the volunteers that serve at this desk. Through her service of over 8,000 hours she has been consistently complimented by staff, families and patients. If a family needs special attention, Mae will work extra hours to be certain they are comfortable and comforted. Her other CMH volunteer accomplishments include the Presidential Award and Volunteer of the Month.

Billy Fondren

Billy Fondren has served in several positions during his time at Citrus Memorial Hospital. He is currently chairperson of the shuttle drivers, wheelchair repair person and welcome desk courier. It is not unusual to see Billy at the hospital five days a week and even on weekends. He takes his service very seriously and will make certain that every job is done to perfection. He repairs the wheelchairs and is also responsible for ordering parts and making decisions of when it is time to take a chair out of service. He constantly receives compliments from staff and families that he assists.

Glenn Rhinesmith has done almost every job available to volunteers at the hospital. She has served as chairperson of the same day surgery pre-op volunteers, manager of the gift shop and many years as an officer of the Auxiliary. Even after serving for 30 years, she is still in the Gift Shop as a clerk one or two days a week. Glenn has always been a smiling and positive personality that is willing to serve, accept change and encourage other volunteers. Glenn is a Lifetime Member of CMH Volunteers Inc. and has been awarded the Presidential Award.

Other volunteers who received top awards include:

  • Presidential Awards: Jeanne Overlander, Jeff Shields, Hazel Manspeaker, Paul Oliver and Jim Rivers.
  • Above and Beyond: Marilyn Hancock, Linda Amaturo, Jay Love, Steve Traynor and Hilda Vasseliou
  • 20 Years of Service: Mary K Thomas and Sue Parton.
  • 15 Years of Service: Peggy Caron, Randy Allen, Gerry Aron and Jack Brown.
  • 10 Years of Service: Rev. Fred Oshiek, Gloria Manna, Zelda Tertel, Grave Copeland, Peggy Bock, Susan Russett and Russ Ferrara.

23,000 Hours Sandi Phillips, 14,000 Hours Larry Phillips, 10,000 Hours Jack Condron, 9,000 Hours Randy Allen and Dante Caldera, 8,000 Hours Mae McClernon, 7,000 Hours Kathleen Neuman and Bob Kline, 6,000 Hours Chase Turner and Bonnie Steffen, 5,000 Hours Lynnette Edwards and Paul Thomas.

Citrus Memorial staff and volunteers are responsible for nominating the Volunteer of the Year. In order to be nominated, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Active membership in the Citrus Memorial Hospital volunteer program.
  • Demonstrates remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of hospital patients, staff and other customers of the hospital.
  • Performs extraordinary acts of kindness.
  • Has a positive effect on others.
  • Willingly performs duties, as requested or identified.
  • Day-to-day performance is dependable, consistent and people-oriented.

About the Citrus Memorial Auxiliary

The Citrus Memorial Auxiliary began in 1957 with 26 volunteers who were affectionately called the Pink Ladies. By 1962 the group had grown to over 200 volunteers and began recruiting candy stripers. Today, Citrus Memorial Hospital's volunteers include over 450 men and women. For information on volunteering at Citrus Memorial call 560-6298.