Citrus Memorial Hospital
January 23, 2018

Inverness, FL —Employees at Citrus Memorial Hospital were honored recently at an event to thank them for their years of service. More than 100 staff members were recognized for five-year milestones at the service awards dinner.

Citrus Memorial CEO Ralph Aleman said the purpose of the event was to recognize that these employees have all spent a significant amount of their lifetimes within the walls of the hospital. His goal was to thank them for sticking with Citrus Memorial through thick and thin and making a difference in the lives of patients and community members. Echoing the appreciation expressed by Aleman, members of the senior leadership team, managers and directors took the stage to thank the honorees.

Topping the list of award recipients were 40-YEAR EMPLOYEES Valerie Fedor - a nurse in the Women and Baby Center - and Leila Johnson - a pharmacy tech. Both have seen revolutionary changes in medicine during their time with Citrus Memorial and were recognized for their tremendous loyalty to patients and dedication to the hospital.

30 years of service award recipients included: Karen Cummins.

25 years of service award recipients included: Lynn Tran, Rocco Cirocco, Terri Adams, Harold Peters, Robert Olver, Lori Sutherland, Kimberly Perez, and Wendy Knack.

20 years of service award recipients included: Mitzi Patrick, Robert Getz, Tammy Mitchell, Cindy Lafond, Andrea Weeks, Nancy Nero, and Joan Reinhart.

15 years of service award recipients included: Uniece Burgos, Tracie, Dye, Debra Leturno, Rodney Worthington, Jr.,Todd McDiarmid, Justin Accardi, Krysta White, Emelda Rountree, Gregory Kane, Heather Signoretti, Chong Gavin, Amanda Pudlo, and Tonya Brown.

10 years of service award recipients included: Siri Costello, Donna Busacco, Susan Pineda, Malgorzata Szylkowski, Annette Piche, Sheron Green, Alexander Diaz, Valerie Bordeleau, Paula Springston, Julie McClelland, Robert Serrianne, Serina Greatrex, Maura Naruta, June Mello, Stephanie Bass, Sarah Davison, Mark Taber, Jennifer Hume, Jeri Littrell, Pete Huys, Dian Little, Kendall Smith, Linda Bradley, Melody Holding, Fred Shirley, Aaron Wilcox, Jamie Caron, Gloria Tubolino, Sandra Price, Alden Diongson, Debra Luckern, Mike Eichhorn, Carol Reed, Katie Myers, Tristan Tarantino, Martha Alarcon, Joseph McCarthy, Hetal Patel, and Stephen Troiano.

Five years of service award recipients included: Joann Peeples, Joshua Webber, Anna Dipleco, Melanie Bourassa, Laura Terren, Debra Fernandez, Peggy Shockey, Marcy Williams, Laurel Teal, Brenda Hermanson, Kevin Clark, Denise Collins, Kimberly Santacross, Yvonne Lamme, Marilyn Smith, Joshua Lafayette, Tyeler Boedecker, Megan Hodges, Jean-Marie McCauley, Joseph Davison, Lauren Uitts, Cynthia Hanley, Victor Bosteels, Denise Green, Monica Kates, Donna Harwood, Linda Suszek, Mary Jenkins, Penny Zaphel, Jordan Bailey, Deborah Fiori, and Dominique Paul.