Citrus Memorial Hospital
January 09, 2016

Year of Service Awards Focus on Longtime Staff Members

INVERNESS, FL – Employees at Citrus Memorial Hospital were honored recently at an event to thank them for their years of service. Nearly 100 staff members were recognized for five-year milestones at the service awards dinner.

Citrus Memorial CEO Ralph Aleman said the purpose of the event was to recognize that these employees have all spent a significant amount of their lifetimes within the walls of the hospital. His goal was to thank them for sticking with Citrus Memorial through thick and thin and making a difference in the lives of patients and community members. “Loyal employees are the backbone of any operation,” he said. “And, without their dedication to our mission we simply wouldn’t be the high-quality hospital we are today.”

Echoing the appreciation expressed by Aleman, members of the senior leadership team, managers and directors took the stage to talk about the honorees. “What ties us together and what makes us unique is all of you,” said Citrus Memorial COO George Mavros. “We appreciate everything that you do and we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with you. Thank you very much.”

Topping the list of award recipients was 40-year employee Anita Olbek-Tooker. The nurse began her career at Citrus Memorial when it was a fledgling hospital at the beginning of a growth spurt. Now a recovery room nurse in the OB unit, Tooker has more than earned the respect of her coworkers. Kathleen Cridland, Director of Obstetrics, spoke highly of Olbek-Tooker, who was unable to attend the event. “She’s very loyal and committed to our hospital, to our community and to our patients,” she said. “I couldn’t ask for a better recovery room nurse. She is just… amazing.”

35-year employee, Debra Graham, received special accolades as well. Director of Surgery, Randy Weeks lauded her for her contributions to the surgery team. “When I think of Debbie I think of the positive influence we have. And, with lot of people you don’t get the opportunity to appreciate that, but Debbie retired and left us; and went somewhere else and came back. The place just wasn’t the same without her.”

30 years of service award recipients included: Pollyanna Affolter, Marie Collins, Gary Jenning, Janice Kictarek, Karen Ryan and Kathleen Blohm.

25 years of service award recipients included: Marie Boyd, Brenda Chapin, Susanne Church, Penny Davis, Gary Hickman, Jody Justice, Carole Kaniaris, Michelle Marques, Janice Powers and Robert Samons.

20 years of service award recipients included: Susan Bourbon, Jennifer Brinegar, Kristine DiGiovanni, Teresa Fisher, Martha Heaton, Tony Henry, Carol Jones, Deborah Lester, Frank Marallo, Donna Masson, Maurita Mauller, Jill McKenzie, Donna Millinder, Cynthia O’Rourke, Antoinette Park, Bonita Pelley, Lynne Pillsbury, Patricia Raineri, Kimberley Schultz, Virginia Simmons, Rita Waller and Heather Wyman.

15 years of service award recipients included: Betty Adams, Virginia Alessi, Constance Blanton, Chris Capasso, Pamela Carter, Kathleen Cridland, Tara Doolittle, Marian Durbin, Sherry Enterkin, Cindy Floyd, Roberta Grimmette, Colette Halasi-Kun, Thomas Hudson, Mary Kennedy, Rita Krohn, Kimberly Mattingly, Patricia McKenna, Thomas Morgan, Melissa Padilla, Paula Page-Hough, Cary Rector, Jennifer Sawyer, Gary Sieg, Toni Smith, Deborah Thompson and Nancy White.

10 years of service award recipients included: Kelley Alves, Genalin Banawan, Melissa Banks, Nancy Barrett, Susan Bean, Jeffrey Bell, Shemadar Centi, Teresa Clarke, Jasmin Decastro, Paula Delong, Kathy Demoya, Linda Disney, Cheryl Doyld, Jarasale Empinado, Paula Ewing, Gowthan Gangavarapu, Carlise Gilleeny-Slingerland, Debra Hammonds, Richard Hocking, Lisa Jackson, Ethel Kirk, Nancy Kruslicky, Ian Laing, Terry Majewski, Fawn McGee, Jennifer McLaughlin, Donald Menzyk, Rhonda Murphy, Laura Parker, Betty Perry, Cheryl Ratzel, Nadine Redlin, Judith Rothell, Robert Schweickert, Rhonda Smithwick, Barbara Stephens, Lalaine Umandap, Erika Velazquez, Jessica Velez, Edward Wisniewski.

5 years of service award recipients included: Robert Aleski, Lisa Allan, Brian Ball, Jennifer Beach, Wendy Beatty, Kristy Belcher, Joan Blair-Henry, Cheryl Boisvert, Stephanie Breeden, Sherry Case, Lorna Castillo, Jamie Crowe, Matthew Dedrick, Catherine Desanti, Deborah Devito, Sonja Dickman, Gladys Dieudonne, John Dio, Stefani Dugas, Amanda Durst, Raymond Eckhard, Deborah Edwards, Kristina Egan-Pank, Diana Fazioli, Maresa Fenner, Sandra Ferguson, Beverley Grant, Tina Herendeen, Jed Hernandez, Virginia Hiley, Nicole Hodges, Carl Johnson, Amanda Jones, Michele Laboy, Roberta Lohr, Donald Lohr III, Jennifer Long, Steven Lueder, John Lynn, Zyrkxis Macatol, Sean Manson, April Martynowski-Reid, Michelle Mazzotta, Amanda McDaniel, Anthony McFayden, Susan McGuinness, Wendy McKenzie, Kathleen Metz, Emily Mintner, Dorothy Morris, Kristen Nadler, Lorrie Neander, Lynn Nettles, Sharon Noles, Bipin Patel, Michelle Patterson, David Potter, Robert Prater, Norma Reynolds, Katrina Rigdon, Shannon Riley, Carl Rountree, Heather Rouse, Gerald Schabruch, Andrew Scofield, Christine Seavey, Kelly Smith, Susan Smith, Nicole Stanley, Jill Thacher, Vicki Twomey, Nancy Vanture, Susie Vergara, Sara Vessel, Gary Warden, Mandy Waugh, Phillip Whaley, Matthew Wido, Barbara Wilson, David Zirin.

About Citrus Memorial Hospital
Celebrating more than a 50 year history of healing, Citrus Memorial Hospital is the leading provider of healthcare in Citrus County and the surrounding area. More than 150 physicians and 1,000 employees at the 198-bed acute care hospital offer a wide range of services including 24-hour emergency room care, heart and vascular surgery, orthopedic and spine surgery, and women’s services. Citrus Memorial is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and is fully licensed by the State of Florida

Pictured (from left to right): Citrus Memorial Chief Nursing Officer Caroline Stewart, Debbie Graham, and Director of Surgery Randy Weeks. Graham was honored for 35 years of service to Citrus Memorial Hospital. Graham also holds the distinction as one of the Citrus County Chronicle’s Healthcare Heroes for 2015.