Citrus Memorial Hospital
January 18, 2019

Pictured (from left to right): Former patient Pattie Black Schott thanks Jane Krolewski for saving her life.

Employees at Citrus Memorial Hospital were honored recently at an event to thank them for their years of service. More than 100 staff members were recognized for five-year milestones at the service awards dinner.

Citrus Memorial CEO Ralph Aleman said the purpose of the event was to recognize that these employees have all spent a significant amount of their lifetimes within the walls of the hospital. "This is my favorite meeting of the year, when we get to recognize our staff for all they do for our patients and for all the work they've done over the years," said Aleman to the honorees. "I feel blessed to serve as your CEO. It's great that we're celebrating together because our hospital couldn't function without you. Thank you for your commitment to Citrus Memorial Hospital."

Echoing the appreciation expressed by Aleman, members of the senior leadership team, managers and directors took the stage to thank the honorees.

Heart and Vascular Center Admin  Director Scott Sinigalliano, Carlette Wright-Barfield, CEO Ralph Aleman, HR Business Partner Jen Pace, Jane Krolewski, Director of CVICU and CVPCU Lora Bird

Pictured (from left to right): Heart and Vascular Center Admin Director Scott Sinigalliano, Carlette Wright-Barfield, CEO Ralph Aleman, HR Business Partner Jen Pace, Jane Krolewski, Director of CVICU and CVPCU Lora Bird.

Topping the list of award recipients were 30-year employees Jane Krolewski, Patricia Shipman - who was unable to attend the ceremony, and Carlette Wright-Barfield.

"I'm the luckiest director in the organization because I have the best team and one of the best nurses in the hospital," offered Heart and Vascular Center Administrative Director Scott Sinigalliano. "Carlette Wright-Barfield is a nurse I can always depend on to step up to the plate 100%. She's willing, able and enthusiastic. She's a fabulous nurse with a kind heart. Can you imagine the number of lives she's touched in 30 years at Citrus Memorial Hospital and 14 years in open heart surgery?"

Lora Bird, Director of CVICU and CVPCU introduced nurse Jane Krolewski, saying, "She's an army nurse through and through. She's the one to sit with you, hold your hand and talk to you; she works with compassion. But, she'll also ensure you're up and on your feet, healing quickly." Bird then surprised Krolewski by announcing a former patient was at the ceremony to offer thanks of her own. "You saved my life," said Pattie Black Schott. "For that I will be forever thankful." The two then shared a warm embrace and a couple tears.

25 years of service award recipients included: Tara Anderson, Cindy Eldredge, Silvia Holloway, Elton Ivey, Wendy Ortiz and Theresa Wellbrock.

20 years of service award recipients included: Patricia Alexander, Karen Barlow, Patricia Brake, Sharon Brown, Luzvininda Cates, Louise Couch, Sherry Jacobs, Cynthia McCarthy, Tonda Payne, Sharon Pierce and Jennifer Surber.

15 years of service award recipients included: Fred Blennau, Jim Craft, Cheryl Doyle, Maria Fortus, Ronald Fritchey, Lisa Goldthorpe, Angela Kellerman, Sao Kwong, Craig McCurdy, Jennifer McLaughlin, Maricel Odi, Mark Ouellette, Alyce Parsons, Betty Perry, Cheryl Ratzel, Judith Rothell, Michelle Samons, Terri Smoyer, Patsy Stanzione, Robert Stanzione and Gilfredo Villa.

10 years of service award recipients included: Eleanor Bird, Claudia Blotz, Nicholos Bollin, Felicia Budd, Juliet Burns, Richard Capra, Sherry Case, Jill Catalane, Robert Crawford, Deborah Devito, Gladys Dieudonne, Monica Estremera-Davila, Richard Evans, Jr., Carmel Guiteau Worrell, Lisa Hilberer, Virginia Hiley, Alysia Laber, Kyla Lester, Jennifer Losse, Butch Malmberg, Dan Marinelli, Belinda Mendoza, Tina Miller, Dorothy Morris, Lorrie Neander, Raymond Nightingale, Michael Robinson, Kathleen Roldan, Darla Rothwell, Carl Rountree, Lyrijim Sabusap Fonk, Doreen Santos, Philip Scordato, Christine Seavey, Kelly Smith, Jill Thacher, Ruth Thomashunis, Angela Vega, Matthew Wido.

Five years of service award recipients included: Alison Bowen, Amanda Brown, Heather Buschena, Karen Capahi, Ray Cates, Nicholas Choto, Devin Clarkson, Michelle Clorina, Michele Dart, Delia DeLonge, Theresa Dunham, Tana Ellis, Sharon Farrell, Paul Friedrich, Brittany Fuller, Rebecca Gibbs, Jeanenne Gimbrone, Dawn Grant, Patricia Grantham, Kevin Grove, Candice Hall, Nancy Hindalong, Johnny Holland II, Darrell Ireland, Susan Hons, Julie Jones, Jim Kusek, Sarah Leitenberger, Michael Lenoir, Lori Leon, Ann Lewis, Jesse Maguire, Denise Merlino, Jennifer Miller, Christine Mills, Sue Miskar, Mark Miskar, Sue Mitchell, Sheela Rae Motilla, Tammy Murphy, Mistie Newtson, Jeremy Onorato, Hannah Parker, Mari Parker, Rously Paul, Virginia Reding, Tammi Robinson, Jacob Schmidt, Matthew Schumacher, Mary Schwartz, Marsha Shriver, Veda Smith, Jericka Swedlige, George Swedlige, Amanda Thomas, Tressa Timmer, Brittany Tirpak-Whiddon, Amber Trautman, Shari Wallace, Donna Waring, Rita Weigl, Ashley Whited, Kimberly Widel, Calla Wido and Robert Wisniewski.