Citrus Memorial Hospital
January 31, 2017

Henry and Joan Soucy, Don and Cindy Israel, and Larry and Sandi Phillips were recently recognized as volunteers of the month at Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Henry and Joan Soucy, Volunteers of the Month for October, have made an incredible impact since beginning their volunteer career with Citrus Memorial nearly one and a half years ago. “Besides being willing to work on Sundays, they’re here on any other day we call them… unless they’re on a cruise,” said Penny Zaphel, Manager of Volunteer Services. “Joan knits beautiful blankets for our newborns and Henry works the Welcome Desk. They’re an invaluable asset.”

Don an Cindy Israel were chosen as the Volunteers of the Month for November because of their dedicated service to the hospital’s Gift Shop. “They both have a flair for buying, but above that they are both so nice to everyone who enters the gift shop door,” said Zaphel. “They are helpful and kind to patients and visitors and ensure everyone receives special treatment.”

Larry and Sandi Phillips, Volunteers of the Month for December have filled many roles at the hospital. But, it’s the couple’s commitment to Christmas that launched them into the top volunteer position for December. “It’s a lot of work to make certain the Christmas trees and decorations are perfect each year,” said Zaphel. “During the holidays, those decorations don’t magically pop up and look beautiful. It is because of these two dedicated volunteers that our patients and staff are able to enjoy a festive holiday even when they’re hospitalized or working during the holiday.”

Citrus Memorial staff and volunteers are responsible for nominating the Volunteer of the Month. In order to be nominated, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Active membership in the Citrus Memorial Hospital volunteer program.
  • Demonstrates remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of hospital patients, staff and other customers of the hospital.
  • Performs extraordinary acts of kindness.
  • Has a positive effect on others.
  • Willingly performs duties, as requested or identified.
  • Day-to-day performance is dependable, consistent and people-oriented.

About Citrus Memorial Volunteer Services

The Citrus Memorial Volunteers began in 1957 as an Auxiliary. After the hospital was purchased by HCA, a non-profit group call CMHS Volunteers Inc. was formed to manage the Gift Shop and other fundraising efforts that would benefit students with scholarships and support non-profits groups within the community. Today, Citrus Memorial Hospital’s volunteers include over 350 men and women working in over 20 departments - plus 230 clergy serving patients and families. For information on volunteering at Citrus Memorial call (352) 560-6298.