Citrus Memorial Hospital
January 06, 2017

Three officers of the CMH Volunteers were recently recognized for serving a combined total of 45 years with Citrus Memorial Hospital. Officers are elected to manage the Gift Shop and other fundraising efforts by the non-profit group CMHS Volunteers Inc. All members are active volunteers at the hospital.

"Our Officers are the heart of the CMH Volunteers Inc. They are dedicated above and beyond their other duties. I would be lost without them," said Penny Zaphel, Manager of Volunteer Services.

According to Zaphel the volunteer officers were presented with special recognition at a recent holiday party because of all they do for Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Bonnie Steffen, left, has been a volunteer for over 11 years. She began her "career" as an Admitting Volunteer Hostess. After serving for several years in this position, she was elected Secretary of the volunteer group. Her first love is computers, so serving in this capacity gave her the opportunity to do what she loved best. Ms. Steffen has donated over 6,400 hours to Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Jack Condron, center, serves as the Vice President. Jack has served as President and Vice President in the past and has returned to serve again. He is the Chairperson of over 30 volunteers that serve in the Emergency Department in addition to his officer duties. His volunteer service spans over a time of 11 years and 10,000 hours.

Sandi Phillips, right, has dedicated 22 years to volunteer service at Citrus Memorial. She has given 23,000 hours. Sandi serves as the current President of the volunteer group. She has served as Vice President and President in the past along with chairperson of the Christmas Tree Project and the Welcome Desk.