Citrus Memorial Hospital November 05, 2018

Each year, the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) designates November 1-7 to celebrate Medical-Surgical Nurses Week. During the week, Citrus Memorial Hospital celebrates nurses for their dedication, skills, and heroism. Medical-surgical nurses focus every day on caring compassionately for patients and families.

Nurses at Citrus Memorial Hospital possess specialized skills and knowledge of the entire spectrum of nursing care which improves patient care through evidence-based practice. They make a difference by building the profession of nursing and the medical-surgical nursing specialty, mentoring and nurturing each other, advocating for patients and families, serving their communities through care and education.

Additionally, Citrus Memorial promotes medical-surgical nursing certification, resulting in higher quality care and safer health care outcomes for patients. Currently, 50% of the hospital's eligible Medical-Surgical nurses are board certified. This certification advances the nursing profession by ensuring nurses have advanced knowledge, skills, and attitudes in providing high quality care to patients and families. 35% of Citrus Memorial Hospital's nurses are actively in school or have obtained an advanced nursing degree.