Citrus Memorial Hospital November 30, 2016

Are you determined to improve your health in 2017?

Get a jumpstart by joining this year's Fitness In Citrus: Community-Wide Fitness Challenge. It begins on Monday, February 6 and runs through Sunday, March 19.

This will be the 13th annual Fitness In Citrus: Community-Wide Fitness Challenge. Hundreds of Citrus County residents look forward to participating every year. Most say they do it for their health or to lose weight. However, they end up declaring that the best part is the fun and camaraderie, though most also say they feel a lot better about themselves, plus many lose weight, and some even quit smoking.

Want to get involved?

  1. Email and ask for details and registration information.
  2. Form a team - that means you and at least one other person. Small teams typically do better because they develop accountability relationships.
  3. Your team needs to choose either the "steps" challenge or the "minutes of activity" challenge. In the "steps" challenge you earn points for each 500 steps you take (you need to wear a step-tracker). In the "minutes" challenge you earn points for each 10 minutes of exercise (from a specified list of activities).
  4. Choose your team's fitness level by picking a category: "just starting"; "getting there"; or "jocks".

Act now - registration closes January 20. Email