Citrus Memorial Hospital
November 04, 2016

HCA, the parent company of Citrus Memorial Hospital is a leader in hiring military veterans and military veteran spouses. With more than 8,000 open positions, HCA hired 4,000+ veterans in 2016 and will continue to hire veterans and veteran spouses in 2016 and beyond. Because it may be uncommon for a veteran to consider a career in healthcare, and because HCA is a healthcare company, HCA has put forth a concentrated effort on recruitment to help veterans understand there’s much more available at HCA than jobs in the medical field.

HCA offers more than clinical professions

Although there are certainly medical, nursing, clinical technician and clinical jobs available with HCA, it’s important to know that almost half of the open job positions at HCA are actually non-clinical in nature. Jobs may be in a wide variety of fields, such as accounting/finance, information technology, telecomm, administrative/clerical and more. Additionally, HCA puts a heavy focus on helping make your job here into a career with advancement, growth and education opportunities.

Veterans are the perfect fit for HCA

As HCA founder Dr. Thomas Frist wisely stated, “Good people beget good people.” At HCA, we know that being in the military is a service to others, and we believe that being in healthcare is a service to others as well. Whether you are a doctor, information technology specialist, nurse or administrative assistant within HCA, you are part of a group of people who spend their careers serving humankind. If you have been in the military, or have a spouse who has been in the military, we know you have spent your life doing the same.

About Citrus Memorial Hospital

Celebrating more than a 50 year history of healing, Citrus Memorial Hospital is the leading provider of healthcare in Citrus County and the surrounding area. More than 150 physicians and 1,000 employees at the 204-bed acute care hospital offer a wide range of services including 24-hour emergency room care, heart and vascular surgery, orthopedic and spine surgery, and women’s services. Citrus Memorial is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and is fully licensed by the State of Florida.