Coming soon to Citrus Memorial Hospital

Summer 2018 will usher in another historic moment for Citrus Memorial Hospital. That’s when we’ll open the doors of our first-ever Graduate Medical Education program.

Citrus Memorial Hospital has received ACGME accreditation for our internal medicine residency program schedule to start July 2018.

What is a medical resident?

Medical Residents complete four years of medical school. Interns and residents are medical doctors, however, they still require three to five years of additional training for their board certification.

What is an intern?

An intern is a medical resident in the first year of training after medical school. Interns are able to see and examine patients, write full medical histories, conduct physical exams, write admission orders, arrange discharge, write prescriptions, and educate and coordinate care for their patients. Interns are the go-to person when nurses have a question or concern about patient care. They’re supervised by attending physicians and senior residents who are in their third and fourth year of training.

Who will be my doctor?

The intern, resident and attending physician work as a team to make sure patients get the best care possible. Senior residents can oversee the intern’s work, but the attending physician is ultimately responsible for patient care.

The intern and resident will see and examine a patient every day. They review medical information, arrange care and discuss treatment plans during rounds with the attending physician. Patients will also see the attending physician every day.

We expect notification if our program has received approval, soon. Please keep checking back!