All of us at Inverness Surgical Association encourage everyone to enjoy a healthier life.

We have found that many diseases have been linked to what you eat, the way you exercise, stress and your overall way of life. We all know that regular physical activity may be the single best approach to managing stress and increasing your overall health. And, we understand that many times it may not be possible to devote time to physical activity. However, it's still very important that you maintain an awareness of your body and heed the signals it gives you when something may not be right.

There will be times that despite how well you may be taking care of your body, you will require the needs of a surgeon to help diagnose and, if necessary, take action to correct your problem. At this time, you want to have comfort in knowing that your doctor is not only qualified but also compassionate.

Quality of care, experience, precision, safety and compassion are the basic elements that our team of physicians and staff members follow at Inverness Surgical Association, a Citrus Memorial Health System facility.